Ura Tenancy Agreement

JTC reserves the right to revoke in writing the tenant or tenant of its sublease contract within 3 months. The transfer of the lease agreement relates to the transfer of the remaining tenancy period as well as the possession, rights and debts resulting from the existing registered tenant (transferor) to another party (transfers). The period of authorized religious use is limited to a maximum of 3 years or up to the duration of the customer`s rental/rental contract, depending on the shortest period if you wish to terminate your lease with JTC, you must submit your application to JTC via the customer service portal. Please note your lease agreement with JTC for the terms of early termination. For more information, please contact your customer service manager. You will receive a warning from JTC that an application to renew the lease be filed against our consideration. Because rents are short-term, tenants can no longer sublet their space, except for related businesses. If tenants have excess space, they can extend their rent at the end of their current term for a lower quantum. Please note that the transferor and the transferor are subject to the following terms and conditions when applying for a rent transfer.

In the case of sublease to 100% subsidiaries or to a joint venture/company in which the taker/tenant holds a majority stake of more than 50%, the maximum period of sublease until the expiry of the current tenancy period is set. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not violate any of the general rental terms. In the event of an existing infringement, you must remedy it on time. For leaseholders, you are required to execute a modification of the lease (if a lease has been granted) or an endorsement (if only an interim agreement or lease has been granted). Existing leases with seven or eight tenants can be concluded until May 15, 2019. After extensive consultations with various industry and industry associations, there is a general consensus that 30% of the gross floor area (GFA) represents a sufficient stable area for a company to cope with fluctuations in business volumes. Therefore, from October 1, 2014, JTC will adapt the sublet-quant maximum of 50% to 30% of the GFA. This sublease does not apply to Pauche, which is subleased to its 100% subsidiary or company in which they hold a majority stake of more than 50%. As rents are short-term, JTC tenants can no longer sublet their space. If tenants have excess space, they can extend their rent at the end of their current term for a lower quantum. The purchaser takes over the remaining rental period. For the tenants in the tenancy agreement, no legal record is executed, as the new use will be included in the lease agreement for the imminent renewal of the lease.

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